The new Watercut RX is a powerful waterjet cutting machine and very compact, ready to help the most demanding pastry chefs. It is only 150 x 70 cm while it works with 60 x 40 cm trays. The machine is ready to be installed inside very narrow pastry labs. It comes to substitute the Watercut LX Advance in our catalogue, and it has the same price level.

Specifications sheet

The Watercut RX, like her sister machines, is able to cut frozen cakes, fresh cakes, chocolate decorations and many other typical products cut with a waterjet: cookie doug, sponge cakes, cheesecakes, brownies…

It is powered by a silent pump placed inside the machine that can let you work comfortably next to the machine while it is cutting. There’s a new ECO mode that reduces power consumption, which it is already not really high. The chef can design his own programs on the screen starting with standard regular shapes to advanced edition of new complex contours.

Waterjet pressure goes from 1500 to 3500 bar, while available nozzles go from 0,12 mm / 0,005″ (commonly used to cut chocolate layers) up to 0,178 mm / 0,007″ (to cut frozen cakes at a reasonable speed).

The Watercut RX are already in production and the first units will be delivered according to order confirmation dates.


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