January 2018

HPP Machine Homologation

After more than five years of development our first HPP vessel for the food industry has successfully passed the last step of the CE certification process, which in this case is a pressure test witnessed by an external inspector. From this moment on we are ready to offer 50 litre HPP systems. A bigger 300 litre machine is already in the manufacturing process, and should be ready to sell before the end of 2018.

One patent regarding a fast prefilling of the vessel, and other innovations in the pumping system will make our vessels the fastest of their size. No design shortcuts, 100% European state-of-the-art forgings and wire, this is the only way we can work. Absolute safety with a better cost per kilo produced, that is what customers want, and that is what Metronics will supply.

Our technicians are already accustomed to dealing with high pressure machines all over the world, already more than 300 machines in more than 40 countries. Service is not new for our people, our reputation in this field is second to none, and that will be maintained.

Thanks to all our staff: technicians, engineers, administration and commercial, thanks to all, also to the people who believed in Metronics from outside the company: partners, counsellors and banks, and thanks as well to the public servants responsible of the public funds Metronics has received these years to ease the effort.

And thanks to our families,

Benito, Camilo and Fran


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