December 2017

300 machines 40 countries 5 continents

There are easy countries and complicated countries to manage a sale. The distance hinders sales, but it is not the main barrier when making the sale or managing the maintenance of the machines. Mentality and culture are the main difficulties. It is tremendously easy to deal with the US, they are eminently practical, do not walk around the bush and want machines that meet what is promised, nothing more nothing less. In Asia sales are channeled in some countries through distributors, so that step is reasonable. In this case, the challenge is to be able to make accurate diagnoses when there is a problem in the machine. We solve it by using photos by whatsapp or email. An image says more than a thousand words. In South America language for us is very welcome. In Africa we have half a dozen machines, and they put the best of their will in that the machine works correctly. If we had to mark a territory that resists us, this is Russia. The euro-ruble change hurts us enormously, and the sales efforts made in the past have not paid off. For the next few years we aim to grow in emerging countries. We will do it with machines adapted to them, without leaving aside, of course, the Central European countries, where the launch of a new high-end model with a radically new design will mark a before and an after in this 2018 that begins.


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